Clinical Informatics Alumni

Jedrek Wosik, MD, MMCi - 2021

Director of Clinical Product at Teledoc Health

Mina Boazak, MD, MMCi - 2022

Medical Director at Animo Sano Psychiatry

Myung Woo, MD, MMCi - 2020

Medical Director of Informatics and Applied Health Data Science, Cityblock Health

Anand Chowdhury, MD, MMCi -2020

Medical Instructor in the Department of Medicine, Durham, NC

Anisha Chandiramani, MD, MMCi - 2019

Medical Director of Data Partnerships, Duke University Health System, Durham, NC

Kumar Ilangovan, MD, MSPH, MMCi - 2019

Paidion Research, Inc, Durham, NC

Timothy Tsai, DO, MMCi

Primary Care Physician, Stanford Healthcare AI Applied Research Team (HEA3RT)