About the MLPR

The Management Leadership Pathway for Residents (MLPR) allows residents to gain administrative experience through rotation-based management training and mentorship from Duke Health Senior Leaders. At the end of the 15-to-18 month program, participants produce a longitudinal project that demonstrates aptitude across multiple management-level domains. Participants in the MLPR complete the requirements by adding an additional year to their training and use existing elective and research time allowed by the home residency program. 

Trainees who successfully complete the MLPR program will:

  • Experience the full breadth and depth of the health system and understand healthcare issues beyond a given specialty, hospital, or training program 
  • Learn the clinical, research, and educational enterprises of an academic health system within the framework of financial, managerial, regulatory, and entrepreneurial forces
  • Acquire expanded knowledge of administrative, financial, and organizational issues related to the management of health at individual, system, community, and population levels
  • Participate in senior-level working groups, meetings, and retreats, with unprecedented access to the nerve center of a world-class academic health system, its three hospitals, numerous clinical centers and institutes, and school of medicine
  • Interact with other MLPR trainees to explore project ideas and other areas of common interest 
  • Collaborate with a growing cohort of physician-executives at Duke Health 


Many MLPR Alumni have gone on to serve as physician executives immediately after completing their residency at Duke.

For information about the MLPR and current rotation offerings, download the 2022-2023 MLPR Handbook & Course Catalog.