Registration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Trainee Timelines: June (PDF), July (PDF), August (PDF)


Application for Membership Professional Liability

Is it necessary that I provide 5 years of professional liability coverage?
Yes, you must provide the last 5 years of liability, including medical school liability.

I started the GME online application form, and once I returned to the form and clicked “Continue form”, it took me to a page that said “Invalid Option”. What should I do?
Close your Browser and restart. If the problem continues, restart your computer and go back to the original do-not-reply email and reenter the link.



How soon should I apply for NPI number and how long will it take?
Before starting the Application for Membership, follow the detailed instructions for obtaining NPI number. This process can take between 2 & 24 hours. You must have a US social security number to apply.



EOHW - Placement Health Review Requirements

When can I be cleared by EOHW?
EOHW must clear you before you can attend orientation/start training. Please start this process as soon as possible to ensure there are no delays in your medical clearance. For any questions, please call EOHW at (919) 684-3136 option 2 or email


Life Support

Do I need a valid ACLS and/or PALS card?
Yes and all cards must be American Heart Association (AHA) certified.


Local NC Address

I don’t have a North Carolina address yet. Should I use my current address on all the forms asking for a local address?
On all forms leave the address field blank, if you do not have a local address (Cary/Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill).


Employment Verification for Apartment or Mortgage

Who do I contact for verification of employment/income for an apartment or mortgage loan?
Your program coordinator can provide you with an offer letter that states your salary. The GME Office will not be able to verify employment until you have completed your first day of orientation.


NC Medical License

Resident Training License vs. Full License, what should I apply for?
Duke GME does not require trainees to have a Full Medical License. A resident training license is acceptable unless you plan to moonlight outside DUHS.

I’m applying for a Resident Training License and I don’t know where to send my paperwork.
All applicable documents for your RTL are sent to your Program Coordinator. They will submit them to the GME Registrar to verify and forward to the NCMB.


Documents Required for Resident Training License Application

  1. Verification of Medical Education Form A or B
  2. Postgraduate Training Verification Form (for all training after medical school)
  3. Authority for Release Form
  4. 2 Fingerprint Cards


I already have a Full NC Medical License; do I need to apply for a Residents Training License?
No, but you must provide GME with a copy of your current registration card. This must be uploaded into MedHub.


How can I check the status of my Full or RTL application?
All applicants should use their log-in and password to access application status on the NCMB website.


USMLE Transcripts

Who do I send my official USMLE (or equivalent) transcript to?
If you’ve taken Step 3, USMLE Transcripts can be sent electronically through FSMB via FCVS if applicable. Please use when placing your order.

If you have not taken USMLE Step 3 yet, you cannot have your USMLE Transcript sent electronically. You will need to place an order through NBME and use the following mailing address:

NBME Mailing Address:
Attention: GME Registrar
Duke Graduate Medical Education
P.O. Box 2536
Durham, NC 27715


Social Security Card

I don’t have my social security card; can I use my passport instead?
You must have a valid social security card in order to be hired at DUHS. You can use your passport to clear your I-9, but you must still provide the GME Office with your social security card. If you need to order a replacement Social Security Card:


Name Change

I am getting married soon, how do I change my name?
You must present copy of your marriage license and social security card with your new name. Please note that you must also contact the NC Medical Board to change your name on your medical license.



Can I send you a copy of my Medical School Transcript?
No, You must provide an official medical school transcript with the words Conferred/Completed.

I earned a Ph.D as well and would like for this to be on my ID Badge. What should I give GME?
You must provide an official graduate school transcript if you have a graduate degree (including Ph.D, M.P.H, M.B.A., J.D.). The deadline for transcript for additional degree is May 30th.


ID Badge Photo – Photo Requirements

Do I need to be in a white coat for my ID Badge Photo?

Yes, you must submit a passport photo in a white coat with a white background. This photo will have multiple uses (e.g. ID badge, evaluation system, composites). You must also upload photo to the Duke Card Office website.


General Information

  • GME Residents & Fellows Benefits Information
  • All GME Trainees are paid on a monthly schedule - (starting with July, it will be on the 25th unless it falls on a weekend and then it's the Friday before)
  • Stipends are not stated on your GME Agreement of Appointment
  • Your health insurance starts the month following employment. If you need coverage to start on date of hire, you must pay the full unsubsidized premium. This premium will be deducted from your first paycheck along with any other deductions.