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Overview: The Duke Office of GME is proud to announce open enrollment for the Faculty Academy for Clinical Teaching (FACT), a program to provide attending faculty with a framework and skills to become exceptional clinical educators.
Purpose:  The goal of FACT is to provide participants with the knowledge foundation and opportunity to practice skills in real-time in order to become leaders in clinical teaching.*  Participants will be asked to apply what they learn through a series of workshops, assignments/projects, and peer reviews in order to grow themselves as leaders within Medical Education.
* The FACT program is for those physicians looking to grow their day-to-day clinical teaching skills. For those interested in developing educational scholarship and research skills, we would like to direct you to the Duke AHEAD Certificate in Health Professions Education & Teaching Program.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the core components of effective clinical teaching and utilize various models and techniques to develop or improve existing practice patterns.
  • Practice and implementation of best practices for clinical teaching and feedback into the clinical learning environment. 
  • Critically appraise educational offerings (chalk talks, PowerPoints, didactics) and incorporate adult learning theory and other evidence-based teaching strategies to reach learners through creativity and innovation.
  • Develop and formulate a plan to approach the needs of diverse learners while creating an inclusive environment and balancing time constraints.
  • Define professional identity and leadership styles as a clinical educator and how to use this to amplify their own and others’ careers.

Curriculum: We offer 13 sessions each year (July-June), VIRTUALLY through Zoom.

  • The minimum that must be attended to be awarded completion of the course/certification is at least 10 of the 13 over the course of the year. The participants are allowed 2 asynchronous make-up assignments.
  • Structure: Flipped Classroom Prep work (Podcast, Blogs, Articles)
  • Educators: Leading educators from Duke will be teaching throughout the year

Eligibility Criteria: Must be a clinical attending physician appointed within the Duke University Health System with an interest in medical education and interaction with Duke GME Trainees.

  • Selection of participants: Participants will be selected through an application process. Acceptance into the program will be contingent upon Department Chair/ Division Chiefs' approval and commitment to allow faculty to attend scheduled sessions including a Letter of Support.

Requirement For Graduation/Certification: 

  • Attendance (10 of the 13 sessions; allowing for 2 makeup)
  • Optional Assignments: These assignments are application of the principles and skills taught. While optional, they allow the opportunity to get peer and faculty feedback on the participants teaching skills. 
  • Fall: 
    • Chalk Talk Recorded Presentation (5-8 min)
  • Spring: 
    • PowerPoint Recorded vs live Presentation (10-15 min)
  • Peer Review: Part of leadership is helping others learn. 
    • FACT-ers will be asked to be part of the peer-review process to allow for greater growth as an educator. Additionally, each presentation will get a faculty review.  

Testimonials from FACT 2023-2024 Participants 

“I felt like this session was really helpful in the sense that it got me thinking about how to deliver content to learners in different forms and how and when to do so. It also got me really thinking about setting clear expectations for learners even on the odd one off shift”

“I appreciated the flow, tips and application of tips to show examples is very helpful”

“My chalk talk has been greatly enhanced with the feedback I received on it!”

“Very inspiring, thank you”

“It was a very meaningful and interactive session.”

“I have already incorporated some skills about chalk talks on the wards”

“Great useful talk, way more helpful than any other feedback lecture I've had!”

“Overall I feel better about discussing and teaching procedures”

Duke GME FACT Curriculum




Setting the Stage:
Educating Adult Learners by Grounding in Theory and Building a Framework for Education


The Art of Clinical Teaching Part 1


The Art of Clinical Teaching Part 2: Clinical Teaching Techniques

September Bonus

Optimizing AI in Medical Education


Mastering Conference and Clinical Didactics Part 1: Chalk Talks with Time Constraints


DEI in MedEd: Upstander Training & Creating an Inclusive Clinical Learning Environment


Feedback Part 1: Giving, Receiving, Feedback Culture & Growth Mindset


Feedback Part 2: Communication: Transitions of Care, Constructive Feedback, & Remediation


Teaching Innovation: Redesigning Rounds and Clinical Teaching; Teaching with Technology


Mastering Conference and Clinical Didactics Part 2: Excelling at Didactic Presentations (Virtual & Live) Workshop


Teaching Procedures


Crash Course in MedEd Research


Next Steps in Growing Yourself & Your Career in Med Ed


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