Rotation-Based Management Training

The MLPR features management rotations that are integrated into Duke’s clinical residency program, eliminating the need for residents to choose between pursuing a clinical or management track.  Each MLPR management rotation is project-based, with a clear work product that can be produced in three to six months.  In addition to their individual responsibilities, trainees typically work on a team with other senior health system management, and are fully engaged with the work of that group during the rotation. 

Through rotation-based training, MLPR residents are immersed into a variety of disciplines including: 

  • Health system management and operations 
  • Financial management and planning 
  • Quality improvement and safety 
  • Health system strategy 
  • Health informatics 
  • Global strategy and business development 
  • Research enterprise management 
  • Clinical service enterprise management 
  • Supply chain management 

The 2020-2021 MLPR Handbook & Course Catalog (.pdf) lists the MLPR rotations being offered in the 2020-2021 calendar year.