MELT Class of 2022

  • 28 residents from 14 programs
  • 26 fellows from 20 specialties
  • The very first faculty participant.

MELT Class of 2021

Matthew Abbott

PGY2 Internal Medicine

Bradley Ackerson, MD

PGY3 Radiation Oncology

Sahil Aggarwal

PGY3, Ophthalmology

Leonid Aksenov, MD

PGY2 Urology

Christopher Allen, MD

PGY6 Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

Andrew Bellantoni, MD

PGY6 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Jordan Broadway, MD

PGY2 Psychiatry

Emory Buck, MD

PGY1 Internal Medicine

Rachel Cason, MD

PGY4 Pediatric Nephrology

Marc Cervantes, MD

PGY5 Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Tyler Couch, MD

PGY2 Internal Medicine

Roshni Dhoot, MD

PGY2 Neurology

Samantha Dizon, MD

PGY4 Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics

Drew Emge, MD, MSc

PGY5 Dermatology

Kelly Flynn, MD, MS

PGY2 Internal Medicine

Kathrine Giarra, MD

PGY4 Emergency Medicine

Benjamin Groves, MD

PGY4 Neurology

Geoffrey Hall, DO

PGY4 Allergy & Immunology

Laura Hampton, MD

PGY4 Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Emily Hanzlik, MD

PGY7 Neuro-Oncology

Matthew Khayata, MD

PGY5 Child Neurology

Evelyna Kliassov, MD

PGY3 Pathology

Whitney Lane, MD

PGY5 Plastic Surgery

Alexandria Mara, MD

PGY5 Hematology/Medical Oncology

Megan Milne, MD

PGY5 Rheumatology

Swapna Musunur, MD, MMS

PGY2 Neurology

Shanti Narayanasamy, MBBS

PGY4 Infectious Disease

Danelvis Paredes, MD

PGY3 Neurology

Jon Peacock, MD

PGY3 Internal Medicine

Pamela Peters, MD

PGY5 Gynecologic Oncology

Ryan Rader, MD

PGY5 Hematology/Oncology

Gregg Robbins-Welty, MD, MSc

PGY3 Internal Medicine/Psychiatry

Bari Rosenberg, MD

PGY2 Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics

Sitharthan Sekar, MD

PGY3 Internal Medicine

Vanessa Smith, MD, MS

PGY5 Neuropathology

Joi Spaulding, MD

PGY2 Family Medicine

Cameron Strong, MD

PGY4 Internal Medicine/ Psychiatry

Kate Taylor, DO

PGY5 Child Neurology

Rose Tillis, MD

PGY4 Plastic Surgery

Austin Witt, MD

PGY2 Family Medicine

Alan Salgado, MD

PGY6 Neuromuscular Medicine

Anna Rodrigues, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology