GME Non-Physician Trainee Benefits

Benefits Available to Graduate Medical Education Non-Physician Trainees at Duke

Medical, Dental, & Vision Benefits
Duke employees, including trainees can choose from 4 different health plans, which are subsidized for residents, fellows, and non-physician trainees.  Individuals may choose coverage for themselves or may also choose to cover children and/or a spouse or same-sex partner.  In addition, Duke Primary care offers a concierge scheduling line for GME residents and fellows, to facilitate their ability to establish care for themselves or immediate family members.  Review those options here,

Disability & Life Insurance
Trainees are provided specific disability and life insurance policies, and have the option to purchase additional disability and life insurance coverage at attractive rates. 

Sick & Vacation Time and Time for Academic Endeavors 
These policies are specific to individual training programs and Board specifications. Please see the specific program websites for details.

The stipends for Duke trainees are based on post-graduate year (number of years of training). Current stipends can be found here,

Housestaff Gym
All Duke trainees have access to an onsite gym facility that is reserved specifically for them.

Counseling Services
Personal Assistance Services (PAS) provides free confidential counseling services to trainees and their families. Appointments are available from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. with special appointments reserved for trainees at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Learn more here,

Caring for Each Other Program
Provides support to all Duke University Hospital team members after difficult clinical events.

Additional Benefits
Duke has partnered with many businesses and other organizations to provide discounts to all Duke employees for a variety of products and services. Learn more here,