Part Time Graduate Medical Trainees

Part-time Graduate Medical Trainees in programs sponsored by Duke University Hospital

The Office of Graduate Medical Education will consider part-time training in its sponsored programs if the following conditions are met:

  1. Part time status must be consistent with program, departmental, Residency Review Committee Program requirements, and appropriate accreditation board policies. 
         a. Written documentation from each must be submitted at the time of consideration, including Board decisions about additional time for Board eligibility and final completion date.
  2. Full-time is defined as the usual, customary and reasonable amount of time other graduate medical trainees in the program devote to this discipline.  The program must submit a written plan of the reduced training, specifying the start and end dates of the part time status, work schedule, including call duties and other responsibilities.
  3. The Department Chair and Business manager must provide a letter documenting the department has sufficient resources allotted to the trainee to meet educational requirements during the additional required and the commitment of financial resources until the training is completed.
  4. During part-time status, the department/program is responsible for paying for all benefits to be the same as full-time trainees.  Hospital allocation cannot be used for part-time trainees.  Stipend/vacation/sick time/etc will be prorated as appropriate.
  5. Part-time status must be proactive, not retroactive, and the trainees must sign the “Part-Time Trainee Form, designating understanding the terms the terms of part-time status, and receive a copy of the final completed form which will contain the signatures of the Departmental Chair, the Program Training Director, and Director of Graduate Medical Education indicating agreement.
  6. Part time status cannot be associated with Corrective Action nor used to complete any necessary remediation.
  7. Part time trainees who are rotated for education to another program’s service must have the prior approval of the recipient Program Training Director.
  8. Final approval of part time status will be the responsibility of the Director for Graduate Medical Education, and not appeal able.